Bologna Shoah Memorial by SET Architects

Bologna Shoah Memorial by SET Architects
[Bologna] Italy
Bologna Shoah Memorial by SET. Photograph © Simone Bossi
A memorial for the commemoration of the victims of the Holocaust located in Bologna, Italy, built in less than two months that is distinguished by being emotional using the sensitivity to tell the past.
The project designed by SET Architects, the winners of the international contest for the realization of the monument of the Shoah of Bologna, is composed of two symmetrical steel parallepipeds of 10x10 meters that generate a route with the feeling of oppression. Inside there are a series of empty rectangular boxes that represent the cells of the dormitories in the concentration camps.

Description of the project by SET Architects

One year after the launch of the international competition for the realization of the Bologna Shoah Memorial, Rome-based office SET Architects, winneraccording to the jurypresided over by Peter Eisenman, delivers the Memorial on January 27th, 2016 –to coincide with International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Built in less than two months, the Memorial is a recognizable landmark of great emotional power. It is located at the intersection of Via dé more

SET Architects
Comunità Ebraica di Bologna
Project team
Lorenzo Catena, Chiara Cucina, Onorato d
i Manno, Andrea Tanci
Structural engineering.- Proges Engineer
ing - Ing. Andrea Imbrenda General Contractor.- Sì Produzioni Metalworking.- Officina Paolo Cocchi Paving.- Edil Nuova S.A.S. Lighting.- Erco Model.- Francisco Muñoz Albarracín
Via Giacomo Matteotti / Via dè Carracci,

Lorenzo Catena. Onorato di Manno. Andrea Tanci

SET architects. is a young architecture, urbanism and design practice based in Rome, led by Lorenzo Catena, Onorato di Manno and Andrea Tanci. The design procedure is always supported by in-depth theoretical research based on the investigation of the essence of architecture and the elements that compose it. SET envisions an architecture that is able more