Brutalist London Map by Blue Crow Media. The Brutalist buildings collection

Brutalist London Map by Blue Crow Media. The Brutalist buildings collection
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Brutalist London Map by Blue Crow Media
Next weekend was "Open House London" and this is a good map to discover that other interesting architecture of the city of Big Ben. The London Brutalist examples in architecture are collected in Blue Crow Media maps.
Blue Crow Media is an award-winning London-based independent publisher of distinctive city guide maps and apps. The London Brutalist map is followed by other maps like "Carte Paris Brutaliste/Brutalist Paris Map" , Brutalist Washington Map, Brutalist Sydney Map.

Description by Blue Crow Media

Brutalist London Map is the first of our new series of architecture guides produced in collaboration with Henrietta Billings and Simon Phipps.

This two-sided folding map features over fifty leading examples of Brutalist architecture in London, from the Alexandra Road Estate to World's End Housing. Celebrated Brutalist buildings such as the Trellick Tower, the Barbican and the National Theatre are included along with lesser known, yet equally influential more

Blue Crow Media
Derek Lamberton
Henrietta Billings and Simon Phipps


Deane Madsen is the associate editor of design at Architect Magazine. Based in Washington, D.C., Madsen started @BrutalistDC as a way of celebrating the capital city’s collection of Brutalist gems, which add texture to corridors of all-glass lobbyist headquarters. Madsen earned a Master of Architecture degree from UCLA before altering course to an architecture adjacent career writing more