Contemporary dialogue on reconstruction of a fortress. Fort l'Écluse Museum by Atelier PNG

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Scenographer.- Agence nc. Museographer.- Onetwo. Graphics.- C-album. Structure.- Cetis. Fluids - Axpacaal. Demolition and Big work.- Gallia. Project management (MOA).- Pays de Gex Agglo.
Pays de Gex Agglo.
140 sqm (exhibition room), 100 sqm (reception).
€ 640,000 HT (phase 2).
Phase 1 - Reception, cafeteria, ticket office.- 2012 - 2016. Phase 2 - 2016 - 2019.-Elevator, access, Porte de France room. Phase 3 - Scenography.- 2019 - 2020.
Metal frame.- Bonhomme Building. Joinery, locksmithing.- Amaro. Electricity.- Grandchamp. Elevator.- Orona.
Geneva route, Léaz. Haut Jura Regional Nature Park, Listed site of the Lock Parade (1946).

Antoine (Pedro) Petit, Nicolas Debicki, Grichka Martinetti. Atelier PNG

Atelier PNG is an architecture firm established by Pedro, Grichka and Nicolas, architects, photographers, travellers.

Atelier PNG was created in 2007 and practices between Paris and the mountains of Isère, between the metropolis and a small town, between density and rurality. This dual location reflects their vision: they establish a continuity from the structure to the landscape, they pay a special attention to what already exists and always promote local resources.

In 2014 they received the prestigious French prize “Albums des Jeunes Architects et Paysagistes” (AJAP 2014) and the European 40 Under 40 award. In 2016 they were co-curators of the French Pavilion at the Venice Architecture Biennale within the framework of the exhibition “New riches”.

In 2018 they were awarded with the French national prize for timber construction.

Antoine (Pedro) Petit is a certified architect. He was trained in traditional arts at Atelier Pierre Soulages, with Sylvie Abélanet, artist-engraver and Philippe Cozzolino, MOF master glassmaker. He worked with architect Shigeru Ban.

Nicolas Debicki is a dplg architect and a graduate in environmental quality from Paris-Est MLV University. He is Consulting Architect at CAUE de l'Isère with CC Coeur de Chartreuse and Tullins. He received technical and industrial training. He has worked with architects Valode & Pistre and Architecture Studio in particular.

Grichka Martinetti is a dplg architect and heritage architect trained at the Chaillot School. He is also a photographer and graphic designer. He studied notably at North London University (now CASS). He was collaborator in Ateliers Jean Nouvel.



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