Conversion of an office into two houses. Z42 houses by Garmendia Cordero arquitectos

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Azkayo Construcciones S.L.
240 m².
Furniture.- Ondarreta.
Bilbao, Spain.

arquitectos garmendia cordero

Garmendia Cordero Arquitectos is an architecture studio located in Bilbao and led by Álvaro Cordero Iturregui (ETSASS 2000) and Carlos Garmendia Fernández (ETSAB 2009).

It was founded at the end of 2015, always trying to maintain a way of working based on sincerity, coherence and respect for the context.

They have developed projects of very different characteristics, from ephemeral performances to new buildings, always with a significant percentage of interventions in existing buildings and, in each of the cases, they have tried to ensure that these three premises make up the structural line of the process.

Likewise, they believe that any way of approaching a new project must have the ultimate aim of improving the spaces on which they act, and this is how they approach each new work.

During this time, they have experimented with the relationships generated between the existing and the new architecture that is generated, trying at all times to act with the utmost respect for the context, be it material or intellectual, so that, once the particular history of each case has been analysed, they can intervene in the most personalized and targeted way possible.

They aspire, each time, for this script to end up generating projects with a clear reading where the main intentions of the idea are reflected, giving enormous importance to the function, whether through emphatic volumes, textures or through the exhaustive analysis of each conditioning factor in a global manner, in order to respond to these programmatic needs.

Their intention is always to work at all scales, whatever the size or entity of the project, they have learned to understand architecture in this way and this is how they try to reflect it in each work, taking care of the smallest detail to the largest implementation.



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