Copper in Motion by Larose Guyon

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Audrée L. Larose + Félix Guyon Larose Guyon

Larose Guyon, a young business founded a little more than a year ago, designs high-end luminaires and objects, hand-crafted in small volume in Quebec. In a desire to come up with unique and refined pieces, and in their passion for pure creation, Audrée Larose and Félix Guyon are launching, with the release of this piece, a whole new branch in their venture: Larose Guyon Signature. Clients who wish to distinguish themselves can now acquire exclusive, original artwork specifically crafted for them in a one-time production.

Based in Verchères, on the outskirts of Montreal, Larose Guyon matches the use of choice materials with a great formal purity to create high-end, original, distinctive items; meticulously crafted down to its finest detail.
In 2014, Audrée L. Larose and Félix Guyon’s paths finally crossed. After progressing for many years on the parallel fields of environmental design and industrial design, today they are two designers in love.



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