On the edge, Cuatrecasas Headquarter by GCA Arquitects

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Josep Juanpere Miret - Josep Riu de Martin
Project and construction management
Juan Velasco García de Sierra
Executive management
Jesús Hernando Fernández, Daniel Fernández Muñoz, César Delgado Gómez
Project Manager construction
Jesús Andrés López (ÁGORA)
Structure engineers
Agustí Obiol i Sanchez (BAC ecg), Nacho Costales Calvo (BAC ecg), Gerant Yerai Bordon y de Benito (BAC ecg)
Engineering.- Mª Lluisa Sánchez Romero (JSS Associats), Francesc Juncosa Esperanza (JSS Associats). Health and safety.- Raúl Zapater Casas (GCA) Facade.- Xavier Ferrés Padró (FERRES ARQUITECTOS), Alexandre Jutglà Nogué (FERRES ARQUITECTOS). Illumination LED.- Alfons Noria (LAVOLA Cosostenibilitat), Cristina Bayés (LAVOLA Cosostenibilitat). Technical control.- Jorge Noriega Cumplido (ATISAE), Xavier Vivancos Boleda (ATISAE). Environmental control.- Lidia Lázaro Rodríguez (ATISAE), Mariana Pastorino (ATISAE). Quality control.- Jorge Toledano Martínez (BAC ecg), Aureli Ibars (BAC ecg), José Ruiperez Atienza (BAC ecg).

Josep Juanpere + Antonio Puig. GCA Architects

GCA Architects, based in Barcelona, founded in 1986 by Josep Juanpere and Antonio Puig, is a study of architecture and interior design. Their management team is made up of seven partners and five young associates. With a trajectory of more than 35 years, they continue to design under a consolidated international dimension with works throughout the world.

Josep Juanpere.- He studied at the Technical Upper School of Architecture of Barcelona from 1970 to 1976. In 1986 he founds GCA architects with Antonio Puig. Antonio Puig.- He studied in the Technical Top School of Architecture of the Vallés from 1977 to 1984. In 1986 he founds GCA architects with Josep Juanpere.

GCA Architects has a multidimensional team of more than 100 professionals composed of senior architects, junior architects, building technicians, interior designers, consultants, project managers and communication specialists. In this way we guarantee that all projects are studied from start to finish and have all the experience of the company and its partners, as with all the freshness and innovation that new generations bring.



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