Endless Theatre in Matadero, by Leonor Serrano Rivas. Models for a city

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Diseño de producción.- Gonzalo del  Val, Toni Gelabert; collaboration.- Clara Castañeda.
Composition and sound design.- Daniel Goddard.
Lighting and sound synchronisation technician.- Eduardo Berja Miguel.
Executive assistance.- Silvia Álvarez.
Production of architecture and installation
Fast&Furious Office.
Venue / Adress
Intermediae Matadero . Pº de la Chopera, 14. 28045 Madrid. Spain.
December 4, 2019–July 19, 2020.
- The entry is made at the hour. Each session lasts 45 minutes.
- The capacity is limited to 40 people per session. You may have to wait your turn to enter (the busiest times are 12, 13, 17 and 18h.)
- The mediators will welcome, organize the session and introduce into the sensory universe of "Endless Theater."
- After 45 minutes, we will leave room for the next group, this will facilitate entry and enjoy more children, who sometimes come from far away to know this space.

The installation is especially aimed at children from 0 to 3 years old. If you come with older children, we invite you to be together too, to share the curiosity about the sounds, the light, the materials ... and that after you take time to comment on the experience of this unique work of art.

Leonor Serrano Rivas

Leonor Serrano Rivas (Malaga, 1986) works with different media such as performance art, video, sculpture and installations to create scenarios that interweave art and architecture, theatre and movement. Using "source texts” as a starting point—which range from archival, documentary, theoretical or historical material—she establishes a process of creative re-reading based on a logic of the imaginary, where dreams and fiction are treated as legitimate forms of knowledge. She has recently been nominated for the Cervezas Alhambra 2019 Awards, the 2016 Botin Foundation International Visual Art Scholarship; the ARCO 2016 Solán de Cabras Young Artist Award; ICA London New Contemporaries, and the 2014 Caja Madrid Generation Scholarship. Her work has been exhibited in such venues as Serpentine Galleries, Chisenhale Studio, Arcade Gallery (London), CA2M (Madrid) or C3A Centre for Contemporary Creation (Cordoba).



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