Ephemeral movements, changing spaces. PAR-VIII, the alcove of monceau by Studio PHAAR

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Studio Phaar.- Hùng Tôn.
42 sqm.
Craftmen.- PAZ - Johnnier Paz Ochoa. Rideaux Rive Gauche - Ori YagourCM Mezache - Salem Mezache.
Paris, France.

Hùng Tôn. Studio PHAAR

Hùng Tôn was graduated in 2012 from ENSAB, National School of Architecture in Bretagne, Rennes - FR, (Pr. Paul Gresham, Stephan Zimmerli, François Seigneur). He furthers and opens his knowledge going to Italy for additional scenography and stage design courses at Rome (Pr. Lucio Altarelli, Massimo Zammerini, Andrea Moneta). In the era of hyperspecialization and short cuts, the Franco-Vietnamese architect favours transversality and detour.

This search for multiple grid composition led him to cross various paths: from theater to the Comédie Française with Marc Lainé (author, director, stage designer), architecture, design and restoration within the team of Shigeru Ban (Pritzker) or Bruno Decaris (Chief Architect of Historic Monuments), to soundscape and graphic creations for international studios and artists (Shawn Lee, Joey Waronker, Emile Sornin, Guillaume Poncelet, Brumm, Saint-Gingembre...).

He is a member of BMM Records label, as musician and graphic designer, also known as tonescluster. 

From the polymorphous journey and the passionate personalities who have marked it out, he cultivates a panoramic and narrative approach, combining his stage design, musical, graphic and writing explorations, with his architectural practice on public cultural buildings (museums, theaters, conservatories, etc. media libraries...) - especially contemporary interventions on historic sites, a theme that he likes for the temporal tension and the dialectical link that it generates.

In 2021, he founded the PHAAR studio, a catalyst for his movements’ variations. A fragmented gaze cropping radiant stories.



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