The era of light things will come. Fontán building by Perea, Suárez, Torrelo

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Andrés Perea, Elena Suárez, Rafael Torrelo.
Design team
Architectural studio.- Alicia Palacios Ramos (architect), Lucia González Suárez (architect), Silvia Acera Gómez (architect), Alessandro Laporta (architect), Arturo Gutiérrez Martínez (architect), Alejandra Marín Echeverri (architect), Miguel Riobó Souto (architect), Luis Santiago Abad Marugán (draughtsman), Andrea Molina (architect), Germán Gómez (student from Colombia), Andrea Bernardi (student from Italy), Francisco Grados (architect), Félix Manzano (administration), Gardenia Barrera (administration).
Engineering Studio.- Jorge Aracil Serrano, manager of UTE Perea Euroestudios Ciudad de la Cultura, Ignacio López Picasso (civil engineer), Ylenia Romero Cousillas (structural engineer), Susana Velado (installation engineer), José Manuel Ballesteros López (installation engineer), Carmen Honrubia (installation engineer), Juan Sanz Mosquera (installation engineer), Juan Andrés Torres Salas (technical architect).
Construction execution management.- Javier Sancosmed (technical architect).
Landscaping on site.- Rocío Cejudo - Landark Paisajismo (landscape architect).
Gardening in the project.- Patricia Fernández Häring (architect) and Oscar Domínguez Rojas (biologist).
Acoustics.- Rogelio Ruiz Martínez (architect).
Video presentation and images.- Carmen Santacruz García (architect) and Javier Esquiva López (architect).
On-site quality control.- GOC Juan Pol and Diego Pérez.
Fundación Cidade da Cultura. Manager.- Ana Isabel Vázquez, Technical Director.- Benito García Caramés (architect), Technicians.- Antonio Maroño (architect), Carlos Pedreira (engineer).
Xunta de Galicia President.- Alberto Núñez Feijóo, Councillor.- Román Rodriguez.
UTE Acciona - San José. Manager.- Alejandro Casielles, Works Manager.- María Seoane, Technical Office Manager - Santiago Piñeiro, Facilities Manager - Gema López, Production Manager - David Mariño, Delineation - Marcos Barbeitio, Works Foreman - Manuel Cruz.
Subcontractors. Metal structure.- T.G. Talleres González, S.L., Handrails.- Fundinox Corten, PCI-VYD-Photovoltaic.- Esqueiro, Façade aluminium carpentry.- Sivenvi, Floor resins.- Okana 21, Interior partitions.- Mc Gallega de Mamparismo S.L., Sealing products.- Sika S.A., Façade glass.- Sarriglas, Climate control-plumbing.- Climanosa, Blinds.- Bandalux.
Constructed area.- 13.317 sqm. Construction cost.- 1.142,82 €/m² (PE M final work).
Contract execution budget €14,047,994.77 (excluding VAT).
Drafting of the project.- December 2017 to July 2018.
Start of work.- December 2018.
End of works.- October 2021.
Monte Gaiás s/n, 15707 Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain.

Andrés Perea, Elena Suárez Calvo, Rafael Fernández Torrelo. PEREA, SUÁREZ, TORRELO

Perea, Suárez, Torrelo, for the Fontán building project, the architects formed a team: Andrés Perea, Elena Suárez Calvo, and Rafael Fernández Torrelo.

The crossing of paths has been fortunate.

The ambitious youth of modelled spaces and freedom with two patrollers of the profession.

One of a long journey in search not of the sources of the Nile... but of beauty. The other in the fullness of his vigour.

Coming to the rescue.

Holding the course.

A beautiful, unforgettable journey through invention and reality.

Andrés Perea

Andrés Perea Ortega (Bogotá 1940 - Madrid November 16, 2023) was born in Bogotá, due to his family's exile during the Spanish Civil War.

A Spaniard, he studied at the ETSAM, graduating in 1965.

His long professional career has allowed him to share with countless architects collaborators in constructive production, and students of Architecture here as a teacher, researcher, and understanding of architecture, always as creative work.

An effort that has earned awards and distinctions, and also failures and mistakes as the human being he pretends to be.

Madrid, Bogota autumn 2022.


Elena Suárez Calvo is an architect graduated in both specialties of Building and Urban Planning by the ETSAM Study Plan 75, School of Architecture of Madrid, in July 2000. Member of COAM nº 13.454.

She has twenty-two years of extensive professional experience in design and construction as a professional architect in Madrid and Berlin. She has completed numerous projects for residential, administrative, and cultural use, both for the private and public fields, and has participated in recognized and award-winning architectural competitions. Among the commissioned works, it is worth mentioning those developed for the Heritage of the Spanish State with interventions in significant buildings in Madrid or projects that resulted from first prizes in architectural competitions.

In 2013 she moved to Berlin with a scholarship from the Official College of Architects of Madrid, where she participates in major architectural firms of international prestige and expands her training in the execution of industrialized construction systems with high comfort requirements.

In 2017 she goes back to Madrid as a freelance architect, associated with Andrés Perea Ortega and Rafel Torrelo. They develop the administrative building Fontán for the Xunta de Galicia in Santiago de Compostela with whom she shares the same creative ambition in the intervention of the human environment.

She is constantly involved in architectural competitions, conceived as a laboratory for research into contemporary design and the immediate future. She is committed to innovation in all fields related to the human being and the landscape, from the small scale closest to the individual to the large urban and landscape scale.

Flexibility, adaptability, recyclability, and innovation are the conceptual matter of her design processes.


Rafael Torrelo was born on 23 July 1961 in Madrid, Spain. He graduated as an architect from the ETSAM in 1985.

He is internationally active with 37 years of professional experience, individually and in association with other independent architects. He has carried out project design and construction management contracts and has been an on-site design supervisor, project manager, and consultant for engineering companies.

Projects and works of high complexity such as transport and infrastructure buildings (interchanges, bus stations, metro stations, airports...), laboratories (forensic, military, biology, neurosciences...), logistics (automated postal processing centers), and other types of buildings (offices, housing, sports, care, cultural and university...).

He was also a Professor of Architectural Projects at the ETSAM/UPM and CES-CEU from 1989 to 2014. Lecturer, and expert consultant, among other professional activities.

International Senior Architect in Medinat Zayed, Abu Dhabi, and Sydney, Australia. Awards and mentions in 19 competitions (5 first prizes). Transport and Basic Infrastructures Award, XII Urban Planning, Architecture, and Public Works Awards, 1997, Madrid City Council. García Mercadal Award for Interior Architecture, C.O.A.A.



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