Exhibition "Emplazamiento" by Ding Musa

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PONCE+ROBLES Art gallery, C/ Alameda, 5, 28014 Madrid, Spain
14.09 > 03.11.2017

Ding Musa

Ding Musa (1979, São Paulo, Brasil) studied music and geography at the University of São Paulo. He participated in the residences of tactile art BOSCH, Cardiff (Wales) in 2004; In the Carpe Diem Art and Research, in Lisbon (Portugal) in 2012; and the CAJ, Artistic Residencies Program in Tokyo (Japan) in 2015. His works are scattered in museums in Brazil and in international venues such as the Museum of Modern Art in El Salvador, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro and Fortaleza (Center sea Dragon), the Museum of contemporary Art of Goias, the Museum of contemporary Art of Paraná, Pará State Museum, the Art Hall Ribeirão Preto and at the Cultural Center of Municipal Property in São Paulo.

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