Faliro Pier Athens by Point Supreme Architects

Faliro Pier Athens by Point Supreme Architects
Competition 1st Prize. Stavros Niarchos Cultural Park [ATH] Greece
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The Faliro Pier is a new pier in Athens, Greece. Athens-based Greek firm Point Supreme Architects has recently emerged as the winning entry in a competition in conjunction with Athen's ambitious Stavros Niarchos Cultural Park project which started construction a few days ago.

Project Description from the Architects:

The size and quality of the Athens coastline in combination with the city's warm climate, constitute a higly valuable condition that is largely unexploited.The winning proposal uses the Faliro pier that is to be built in front of the new Stavros Niarchos Cultural Park, National Library and Opera complex, designed by Renzo Piano Building Workshop, to integrate sea-related activities into the daily city life; The square platform at the end of the pier extends onto a ferry-boat deck, while water-taxis operated by the New Athens Cultural Park stop on its two sides. The ferry-boat will host cultural and other events with sea-routes that reach as far as Cape Sounio. The water taxis, common practice in a lot of water-side cities, will carry travelers to various spots on the Athens coastline for a reasonable ticket price, extending the city’s mass transportation network into the water.

The platform itself is developed on two levels. The lower level becomes an open public space with shops. The upper level is turned into a café-restaurant with a generous surrounding open space. The two levels are connected by a big tribune on the south side; this overlooks the sea, the ferry boat and the events that take place regularly on the water or the boat deck. The 54X54m large roof-box guarantees thick shadow...read more

SUPREME Architects

Point Supreme Architects was founded in Rotterdam in 2007 by Konstantinos Pantazis and Marianna Rentzou and is now based in Athens. Their work integrates research, architecture, urbanism, landscape and graphic design. During 2009-2010 they were joined by Beth Hughes.

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