"Following the Fish", a migrant perspective at the Venice Architecture Biennale 2023

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Curatorial Team
Leve Productora.- Daniel Cid, Eva Serrats, Francesc Pla.
Sindicato Popular de Vendedores Ambulantes de Barcelona (Top Manta).
From 20.05 to 26.11.2023.
At the 18th International Architecture Exhibition La Biennale di Venezia. Spanish Pavilion in Giardini, Venice, Italy.

Daniel Cid, Francesc Pla, Eva Serrats. Leve Productora

Leve Productora, was born as an audiovisual production company and nowadays retains its production structure, organised by projects, often working on co-productions and in collaboration with other technical and creative teams.

Francesc Pla has been the P of BOPBAA for more than twenty years, a partner in an architecture studio with a wide array of projects, with different scopes and formats. Eva Serrats has worked in fields such as photography, film, events, cultural projects, teaching and activism. From these parallel journeys, we have kept our interest in a wide variety of formats and topics. Daniel Cid is a Leve collaborator in research projects, he is an Associate Professor of Design Studies at the Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton (United Kingdom).

For some years now, we’ve come together in a common project at Manel 5, a studio located in La Floresta, on the square right next to the railway station that connects Barcelona with the Vallès area. A place of centrality within the periphery, a neighbourhood where the flat plain meets the mountains, where the urban world meets Collserola Natural Park.

The projects we work on have a variety of themes, motivations and formats: accommodation for the homeless, food sustainability, luxury, types of housing, infrastructures within the landscape, territory… architecture projects, urban planning, cultural events, etc. A significant part of our daily work is as general practitioners of architecture, serving the neighbourhood and being involved in defining neighbourhood improvement projects.

“Mind the gap” is an audible warning that can be heard over and over on the train carriage loudspeakers every time the doors open.
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