Gallarda House by José Francisco García-Sánchez

Gallarda House by José Francisco García-Sánchez
[Las Negras, Almería] Spain
Night view. Gallarda House by José Francisco García-Sánchez. Photograph © Estudio JFGS/José Francisco García-Sánchez
The Gallarda House is located at the town of Las Negras (Almería), on the Spanish Mediterranean coast. Its elevated position from the village and the sea allows the owners to enjoy the anthropized and maritime views. In fact, its general volumetry is determined by the combination between the search for the best views and the adaptation to the terrain of the plot, with significant differences.
The main premise of the Gallarda House, designed by José Francisco García-Sánchez, is the enjoyment of the quiet good Mediterranean life. According to this idea, architecture works as a white and almost negligible backdrop, which facilitates a fresh and friendly environment to human activity.

The different materials that make up the house also determine the distribution of spaces: a glazed area corresponds to the more public spaces of the house, another half-buried concrete area provides the service spaces, while the whitewashed portion houses the rest spaces.

Description of the project by José Francisco García-Sánchez

«Las Negras» is a small town in Níjar, Almeria (Spain), with fishing tradition. The settlement is situated betwen a cape called «El Puntón» and the «Cerro Negro» (black mountain) cliff: emblem, icon and, surely, town´s origin.

The Gallarda House, is a holiday residence that, probably, it will end up becoming the permanent residence of a young couple with an intense social life. It is a house more

José Francisco García-Sánchez / JFGS arc
Pablo Durbán Medina (quantity surveyor),
Gloria Berenguel Cantón, Pedro Noguera Sánchez, Pedro J. Zamora Cintas (model design)
154 de la Orza St.
Cortijo de Las Negras residential area. Las Negras (Níjar), Almería, Spain
Design.- May 2012.
Construction.- from January 2013 to March 2014
Site area
1,200 sqm
Building area
215 sqm
Gross floor area
135 sqm


José Francisco García-Sánchez is architect by the E.T.S. de Arquitectura of Universidad de Granada (2007) and Master's Degree in Advanced Architectural Projects from E.T.S. de Arquitectura of the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid. He is currently working on his doctoral Thesis in the PhD program of the Departamento de Proyectos Arquitectónicos (D.P.A.) of ETSAM.

Since 2010, more