"Garden" by Hinds. Other sets in Madrid

"Garden" by Hinds. Other sets in Madrid
[VIDEO] from Pedro Martin-Calero
"Garden" by Hinds. Video screenshot
The videoclip of this week is "Garden” by Hinds. The Spanish garage-rocker band song “Garden”, comes with this video inspired by the French New Wave and with an aesthetic of Wes Anderson’s.
Hinds is a group from Madrid formed by Carlotta Cosials, Ade Martin, Ana García Perrote and Amber Grimbergen, creating a lo-fi pop, with a fresh repertoire, naif, with rockeras brushstrokes and radio-friendly.

The video is directed by Pedro Martin-Calero, director of other music videos such as Hinds's "Warts" or The Weeknd's "Secrets". Pedro told the following about the piece:
"I love [Godard’s] expressive use of color, the films’ surreal mood and their subtle sense of humor. They still look new and fresh 50 years later and still give me a sense of freedom… To my mind, all of these elements fit the song and aesthetic world of the band."

Hinds. Our Saturday music video. (Official Music Video). METALOCUS MUSIC PROJECT in Spotify.
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