Gathering droplets. Warka Tower by Arturo Vittori

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Arturo Vittori
Alessandra Testoni, Emergency Programme, Italian Development Cooporation, Rome, Italy
315 m²
Design.- 2012-2015. Completed.- 2015

Arturo Vittori

Arturo Vittori (Viterbo, October 1, 1971), Italian Architect, Designer and Artist, co-founder and director of the research and design studio Architecture and Vision and CEO of the American NGO Warka Water Inc and founder the fashion brand Culture a Porter.

After graduating from the Faculty of Architecture at the University of Florence, he gained experiences collaborating with architects such as Santiago Calatrava and Jean Nouvel. From 2002 to 2004 he was Manager of Cabin Design at Airbus, in Toulouse (France), taking part in the cabin design for the first A380 aircraft; from 2004 to 2006 he worked with Future Systems, collaborating with Anish Kapoor in the design of the Monte Sant’Angelo subway station in Naples, (Italy), while in 2006 he practiced yacht design at the London-based studio Francis Design.

He has spoken at numerous international conferences on the topics of aerospace architecture, technology transfer and sustainability, and also taught and lead workshops on a variety of related themes. Vittori has been teaching Industrial Design, at the First Faculty of Architecture “L. Quaroni,“ University of Rome La Sapienza, and he teaches a graduate course in Product Design at the Faculty of Arts and Design at the University Iuav of Venice. He is Research Professor at the IIT, Illinois Institute of Technology, of Chicago.



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