Hall Cafeteria of the Architecture School of the University of Biobío by República Portátil

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República Portátil
Camilo Aravena, María Francisca Aruta, Gerardo Neira, German Aravena, Carlos Martín Quinteros , María Teresa Castro, Melissa Moscoso, Betzabé Morales, Mirko Smith, Ismael Sandoval, Valentina Leiva, Diego Gajardo, Heriberto Vera, Mariana Rodríguez, Gabriel burgos, Oscar Rivera y Francisco Marín.
University of Architecture of Biobío, Concepción, Chile
120 m²
Pino Radiata MSD, OSMO Polix-Oil colorless y protector OSMO Wood
Registration in the field
Franco Van der Mollen

República Portátil

República Portátil. Study conformed by Architects and Designers. Since the first half of the 2000s, they have developed a multidisciplinary work of constant search that moves between art and architecture. Among his most important achievements are: Concepcion at 6cm (2003), the pavilions, Uninhabited (2012), Fuzzy (2013), FAV (2014). They have recently been winners of the 2014 Electrolux Architecture competition, with the RVPE project (Vertical Residences for Students) and convened at the XXI Pan-American Architecture Biennial of Quito 2014. They have been widely published in national and international architectural and design specialized magazines . Currently the study is installed in Chile in the cities of Concepción, Santiago and Montreal.
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