The hidden face of data centers. Data Tactics by Eduardo Cilleruelo Terán

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Exhibition Research and Editorial Design.- Frank LaPuma (M. Arch’ 25), Ipek Temizkan (M. S AAD’ 24).
Model Curation and Production.- Valeria Vilanova (B. Arch’ 24), Veronica Paulon (M. Arch’ 24).
Exhibition Design and Coordination.- Juan Agustin Rivera (M. S AAD’ 24).
Material production and pre-installation at Shop Facilities, Rand Hall (AAP), Ithaca, N.Y.
With the support of Milton S. F. Curry, Professor of Architecture, Senior Associate Dean for Strategic Initiatives and Engagement in AAP, and Exhibitions Coordinator, Tina DuBois, and the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning.
Cornell Council for the Arts and the Department of Architecture at the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning (AAP).
March 11th - March 22th, 2024.
Bibliowicz Family Gallery, Milstein Hall, Ithaca. N.Y. USA.

Eduardo Cilleruelo Terán

Eduardo Cilleruelo Terán is a New York/Madrid-based architect, researcher, and educator. He holds the position of Design Teaching Fellow at the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning at Cornell University. As part of his research and practice, he has been committed to the analysis of infrastructural relationships under the canopy of data management and its consequences in the architectural realm. Recently, he was awarded the Prize of Excellence (Space Group, Seoul, Fall 2022) for his studies of data civicness and urban possibilities in vertical public connectors in New York City. In collaboration with Associate Professor Jesse LeCavalier, he co-curated a public exhibition and symposium, "Common Clouds," in Berlin (June 2023) addressing the domains of technology intersecting with architectural typologies. In 2023 he received the Cornell Council of the Arts award, presenting the exhibition "Data Tactics: Information Control, and Colonization Strategies in the Data Center Technocene" at Cornell University, Spring 2024.



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