Highlights of the week 07 / METALOCUS

Highlights of the week 07 / METALOCUS
Highlights of the week. 19/11/2011
metalocus, PEDRO NAVARRO
New Buildings, comic, cartoons or films were highlight as METALOCUS protagonists this week.

This week there was no clear groups of highlights, in fact, was a diffuse cloud of excellent actors with works such as those presented by JUNYA ISHIGAMI with a lecture entitled "MY WORKS" and introduction to "Small Images" [book] or the award on housing issued by the RIBA Manser Medal 2011. HOUSING, with six videos, or ACUO - Aboard project at Prague and SARPI - Sarpi Border Checkpoint, not forgetting the group of proposals made by Olafur Eliasson: Your body of work. All of them scored the proposals that we show you about buildings.

To end the week if there was a newsgroup with common identity around the comic: the works of KLAUS. and his participation in the exhibition: Dispatches from the GSD – 75 years of design in Harvard and the Oscar-winning film ...read more