Hooked On The Past, exploring the history of architecture

Hooked On The Past, exploring the history of architecture
by David Romero
The Pauson House. Image © David Romero
What if the modern technology, that becomes more and more developed and affordable, would be used not only for economically viable projects but for a noble cause of conserving and transmiting the world´s architectural heritage?
Hooked on the Past is a project of a Spanish architect David Romero, whose purpose is to preserve the irrecoverable architecture masterpieces, using the modern technology. With this project he attempts to create a time machine that would make it possible to move to another era and visit the long lost monuments as they were in its day.
"...it has never been so easy to show the future of architecture and even the most modest practices can present their creations through images of great quality. But what about the past of architecture?"
This project is a declaration of love for an inimitable architecture and also an implicit critic to the serious problem of conservation of the great XXth century buildings, that are often underestimated and destroyed. 
The technique has improved so much that renders are often indistinguishable from a photograph even for the expert eye. As for instance, the most of the Ikea catalog is created using synthesis images, while nobody (including myself) is able to notice it.

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David Romero is a Spanish architect, who studied architecture in Madrid. Since he was a student, he has been fascinated by Wright´s work. He worked in studios of architecture in France and England and currently he works in an engineering and architecture company located in Madrid. His interest in both the architectural visualization techniques and history is reflected in his personal pr...read more