House with a garden in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. VOM House by Sanuki Daisuke Architects

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Design team
Sanuki Daisuke, Tieu Dong Phuong.
ME Engineer.- Technical Hung Viet Company Ltd.
Total floor Area.- 380 sqm. Interior.- 306 sqm. Exterior.- 74 sqm. Garden.- 51s qm. Site area.- 162 sqm. Building area.- 113 sqm.
February 2019.
Binh Thanh District - Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.
Hiroyuki Oki.

Sanuki Daisuke

Sanuki Daisuke, (born 1975) is an architect and urban designer, who studied at Tokyo University of Science in Japan. Until 2007 he worked as assistant professor in Prof. Kazuhiro Kojima’s laboratory and participated in several urban design and architectural projects. In 2009, he moved to Vietnam and joined Vo Trong Nghia Architects as a partner. Sanuki Daisuke founded an architectural firm S+Na in Ho Chi Minh City in 2011. He currently works in his own office, sda - Sanuki Daisuke Architects (former S+Na), on a diverse range of projects including architecture and urban design.

Major works are “Stacking Green (2010)”, “ANH House”, “HEM House”, “Apartment in Binh Thanh”, etc.



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