Housing as transitional space of the city. House in Koyoen by Tomohiro Hata Architect & Associates

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Lead Architects.- Tomohiro Hata , Kenichi Yoshimura. Structural engineer.- Takashi Manda Structural Design.– Takashi Manda, Sou Dou. Structural Design Shelter.– Koji Endo.
KOHATSU.– Takahiro Kinugawa.
Site area.- 181.45 sqm². Building area.- 94.09 sqm². Total floor area.- 125.23 sqm².
Design.- 2017 - 2019. Construction.- 2019 - 2021.
Hyogo, Japan.
Toshiyuki Yano.

Tomohiro Hata. Tomohiro Hata Architect and Associates

Tomohiro Hata is a Japanese architect. He studied architecture at the University of Kyoto and received his Master ‘s degree of Engineering in Architecture at the same university.

He started his career at Shin Takamatsu & Associates working from 2003 and 2004. Then in 2005, Tomohiro Hata Architect and Associates was founded in Kobe.

Since beginning of his career, he was a finalist for the Atlantic City Boardwalk Holocaust Memorial International Competition in 2010, and the Grand Prize winner for the Nagahama Urban-Glass Competition (2011).

One of his early works, Belly House, won the Rookie of the Year Award of Kansai from the Japan Institute of Architects (2011), and the Complex House won the House of the Year Prize (2012).

Subsequent awards include the 3rd Kyoto Architectural Award for excellence (2015), the Setsu Watanabe Prize for the 60th Osaka Architectural Competition (2016), the Architectural Designs Rookie Award for the Architectural Institute of Japan (2017), and the ADAN PRIZE for architectural design association of NIPPON (2018).

He has been distinguished with the First Prize winner for the Sannomiya Plaza Competition in Kobe (2017), for the community terrace Competition in Akashi (2017), and Nada Station Plaza Competition in Kobe (2020).

He has been associated professor at Kobe Design University associate professor since 2017, and a visiting professor at the University of Kyoto since 2013.



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