Hybridizing architectures and times. Mar Mediterráneo 34 by Inca Hernández Arquitectura

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Gabriela Llovera Arciniegas, Luis Enrique Vargas. Interior design.- Ana Ximena García, Inca Hernández, Raíz Mx, Adrián González (Mercado de Chacharitas). Structural engineering.- Javier Soria.
Top Project Multiplex / Efraín Hernández.
620 m².
Tacuba, Mexico City, Mexico.

Inca Gabriel Hernández Inca Hernández Arquitectura

Inca Gabriel Hernandez, is an architect graduated from the Universidad Nacional Experimental del Táchita (UNET) in Venezuela. He has worked independently in different real estate, housing and cultural development projects in his native country. 

In 2015 he moved to Mexico, to work with BAAQ', n emerging architecture firm, where he had the opportunity to work with world-renowned Architects such as Tadao Ando (Pritzker, 1995) and Alvaro Siza (Pritzker 1992) in different projects in Oaxaca for Casa Wabi's foundation. 

Inca Gabriel Hernandez has also worked in new real estate developments and restoration projects in Mexico City. He has currently started with his own firm,  Inca Hernández Arquitectura, developing research, art direction and architecture projects in Mexico, Venezuela, Italy and Colombia.



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