Industrial building turned into gallery by O-office Architects

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Jianxiang He and Ying Jiang O-office Architects

Jianxiang He and Ying Jiang established O-office in Guangzhu, in 2007, with their enthusiasm in architecture and motivation to explore new possibilities in Chinese context. All the partners share similar trans-cultural background by having experience both in architectural study in Europe and professional practice in China during the urbanization climax. O-ofice tests their methodology in architectural activities in different scales,and looks for unique and outstanding solutions for the clients.

Parallel to professional practice, O-office persists in exploiting architectural design as a critical instrument for research on our spatial and economic reality, and struggles for the balance of the two. In late 2012, O-office moved to the old Canton Beer Factory in Liwan near to the old Guangzhu downtown, and transformed the top floor of the silo building into their office and showcase. O-office is currently comprised of young talented design team of multidisciplinary backgrounds. Projects operated in the office cover from architecture, urban design, interior and landscape design even to exhibition and furniture design, etc. 




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