Induno Olona cemetery extension

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ABDArchitetti was established in 2008 by the fusion of Camillo Botticini’s and Giulia de Appolonia’s architecture studios. This collaboration arises from a substratum of interests and similar education, taking advantage of the complementary formative paths and professional experiences, as well as a common interest on working abroad. On this research for a synthesis, a “reactive” architecture comes to life based on its conceptual content, giving birth to original and creative solutions.

Camillo Botticini was born in Brescia in 1965. He graduated in architecture from Milan Polytechnic University – facoltà di architettura, Politecnico di Milano – in 1990, under professor Sergio Crotti with whom he collaborated as an assistant for ten years. In 2003 he obtained his doctorate in research (Ph.D.) in Architectonic and Urban Design at the Milan Polytechnic University. His Dissertation was published by Clup Milano, entitled ‘Relazioni, progetto ed identità dell’architettura contemporanea’ and became an University professor at Milan Polytechnic University where he still teaches Urban Planning and Architectonic design. He began his professional career in 1991, collaborating with S. Crotti, G. Canali and G. Belotti.  In 1993, opened his own private studio in Brescia.

Giulia de Appolonia was born in Pordenone, Italy in 1969. She enrolled the Faculty of Architecture, Milan Polytechnic University (Facoltà di architettura del Politecnico di Milano) in 1988. In 1991 was awarded the Erasmus study abroad scholarship to attend FAULT, Lisbon and in 1993 was awarded the Comett scholarship. She graduated in architecture with honors (cum laude) in 1994. She also collaborated for several years with Carrilho da Graça in Lisbon, where she had the opportunity to manage large scale projects for the public sector, developing works of great complexity and showing her coordination and management capacities as team leader.




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