The information as art: best infographics of the year 2016

The information as art: best infographics of the year 2016
Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards 2016
Income Inequality in LA & Chicago by Herwig Scherabon (UK). Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards 2016.
One more year, the 'Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards' brings us closer to the best infographics, data visualizations, interactive infographics and motion graphics of the year, proving again that information is already a new art form.
Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards were created in 2012 by journalist and designer David McCandless with the collaboration of Aziz Cami (Creative Director at Kantar), and since then they have rewarded the excellence and beauty of infographics, data visualization and design of information. This year, in which the MoMA has included in its permanent collection the 2015 edition winners, Stefanie Posavec and Giorgia Lupi with their project Dear Data, the Kantar awards have taken even more dimension. We invite you to browse through each of the projects, they worth it.

In its fifth edition 10 Golds, 11 Silvers, 15 Bronzes and 5 Honourable Mentions have been distributed. Kantar Information is Beautiful Awards has over $ 30,000 in prizes - $ 1,000each Gold Award, $ 500 each Silver Award, $ 250 each Bronze AwardOne special award of $ 1,000, and The Most Beautiful Award receives $5,000 - around 40 illustrious judges and are composed by 17 categories: Data Visualization, Infographic, Interactive, Motion Infographic, Data Journalism, Mini and Mobile Visualization, Free Dataviz Tool, Dataviz Website, Data Visualization Project, Best Team, Individual Achievement, Student, Community Vote - based on the Complete Shortlist 2015, Commercial Client Project, Internal Business Project, Commercial Studio and Most Beautiful.

The winning project have been:
Most Beautiful
Spies in the Skies by Peter Aldhous & Charles Seife for Buzzfeed (USA)

Data Visualization
GOLD.- Earth Temperature Timeline by Randall Munroe of XKCD (USA)
SILVER.- Project Ukko - Seasonal Wind Predictions by Moritz Stefaner (Germany)
BRONZE.- Gun Deaths in America by Ben Casselman, Matthew Conlen, Reuben Fischer-Baum for FiveThirtyEight (USA)
HONOURABLE MENTION.- Income Inequality in LA & Chicago by Herwig Scherabon (UK)

GOLD.- The Missing Migrants Map by Valerio Pellegrini & Michele Mauri (Italy)
SILVER.- by Martin Panchaud (Switzerland)
BRONZE.- The Chart of Cosmic Exploration by PopChart Lab (USA)

Dataviz Project
GOLD.- Data Cuisine by Moritz Stefaner & Susanne Jaschko (Germany)
SILVER.- Roads to Rome by Benedikt GroßPhilipp Schmitt & Raphael Reimann for Moovel Lab (Germany)
BRONZE.- PhotoViz by Nicholas Feltron (USA)
HONOURABLE MENTION.- Makeover Monday by Andy Cotgreave & Andy Kriebel (UK)
HONOURABLE MENTION.- Objektivno by Dnevnik (Slovakia)

Data Journalism
GOLD.- Spies in the Skies by Peter Aldhous & Charles Seife for Buzzfeed (USA)
SILVER.- Science Isn't Broken by Christie Aschwanden & Ritchie King for FiveThirtyEight (USA)
BRONZE.- Film Dialogue by Hanah Anderson & Matt Daniels for Polygraph (USA)
BRONZE.- Crime in Context by Gabriel Dance & Tom Meagher for The Marshall Project (USA)
HONOURABLE MENTION.- The Math of Mass Shootings by Bonnie Berkowitz, Lazaro Gamio, Denise Lu, Kevin Uhrmacher, Todd Lindeman for The Washington Post (USA)

GOLD.- by Duncan Clark & Robin Houston at Kiln; data from UCL (UK)
SILVER.- What’s Your Pay Gap? by Lam Thuy Vo, Jessica Ma & Paul Overberg for The Wall Street Journal (USA)
SILVER.- Evolution of Music Taste by Polygraph (USA)
BRONZE.- Who Marries Whom? by Adam Pearce & Dorothy Gambrell for Bloomberg (USA)
BRONZE.- The Network Behind the Cosmic Web by Kim Albrecht (USA)
HONOURABLE MENTION.- Neural Network Playground by Daniel Smilkov & Shan Carter for TensorFlow (USA)

Dataviz Website
GOLD.- Flowing Data by Nathan Yau (USA)
SILVER.- Visualising Data by Andy Kirk (UK)
BRONZE.- Visualoop by (USA)

Commercial/biz Project
GOLD.- Data USA by Datawheel, Deloitte & Macro Connections (USA)
SILVER.- News Explorer by IBM Watson (USA)
BRONZE.- Animated Infographic Microsite on E-commerce by YAAY for Swiss Post  (Switzerland)
BRONZE.- Educational Pathways by Christine Zimmermann & Barbara Hahn (Switzerland)

Studio of the Year
Polygraph for works including Film Dialogue & Evolution of Music Taste (USA)

Outstanding Team
GOLD.- FiveThirtyEight for works including 2016 Election Forecast (USA)
SILVER .- Bloomberg for works including Who Marries Whom? (USA)
BRONZE.- Guardian for works including The Dark Side of Guardian Comments (UK)
BRONZE.- Quartz for works including Explore the complicated network of allies and enemies in Syria’s civil war (USA)

Community Awards
GOLD.- The Sum of the Parts by Alberto Lucas López (USA)
SILVER.- WTFViz by Drew Skau (USA)
BRONZE.- Toronto Symphony Orchestra Listening Guide by Hannah Chan-Hartley (Canada)

Outstanding Individual
Moritz Stefaner for works including Project UKKO - Seasonal Wind Predictions for the Energy Sector (Germany)

Rising Star
Will Stahl-Timmins for works including The BMJ Infographics (UK)
Nadieh Bremer for works including Olympic Feathers (The Netherlands)

Student Awards
GOLD.- Herwig Scherabon for works including Income Equality in LA & Chicago (USA)
SILVER.- Pei Ye Le for Garbage Sorting Recycling Figure (China)
BRONZE.- Janet Chan for The Printing Press & Type Foundries (USA)
BRONZE.- Cordelia Morales Trevino & Gabriela Gonzalez-Rubio Gutierrez for Atlas de México (Mexico)
Best Non-English Language 
Terre Urbaine by BiG (France)