Inspiration for a new architectural education way. AIRSCAPES #1 by Rafael Beneytez-Duran, Peter Jay Zweig

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Project team
Project Concept.- Rafael Beneytez-Duran, Peter Jay Zweig. Graphic Ideation.- Rafael Beneytez-Duran, Peter Jay Zweig. Peter Jay Zweig.- Static Pneumatic. Carlos Soto, Graphic Development. Rafael Beneytez-Duran.- Metastable Pneumatic. Patrick Margine, Graphic Development. Prototypes fabrication and testing.- Rafael Beneytez-Duran, Ophelia Mantz, Bigger Than Life, Mark Bachman, James Durant. Airscapes #1 Installation.- Rafael Beneytez-Duran, James Durant, David Edquilang, Brian Lee, Brian Liu, Aaron McEuen, Jakob Roberts. Exhibition Concept.- Rafael Beneytez-Duran, Peter Jay Zweig. Exhibition Installation.- Peter Jay Zweig, Khoi Bui, Carlos Soto Castellanos, Bayou Fine Art Imaging, Printing, Barry Rudick.
Sponsor.- University of Houston Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture + Design Dean Patricia Belton Oliver. Material Research.- CoAD UH. Material Research Center Director.- Ophelia Mantz. Material Connexion.- Andrew Dent, Michael Isserlis. Auxiliary Structures.- Joseph Colaso, Structural Engineer, Zach Brinkerman, Fabrication, David Edquilang, Fabrication, Brian Lee, Fabrication, Brian Liu, Graphic Development, Aaron McEuen, Fabrication Director, Jacob Roberts, Fabrication, Jakob Thomas, Fabrication. Pneumatic Structure.- Bigger than Life, Mark Bachman, Bryan Kinney, James Durant. Film.- Carolina Heras. Video Performance.- Patrick Margain, Brian Liu, Ana Sevilla, Kaede Polkinghorne, Franco Denari. Film Electric management.- Erik York.
Fabrication Coordinators.- Rafael Beneytez-Duran, Peter Jay Zweig.
380,000 cubic feet.
Lighting.- 4 Walls Entertainment, Texcam INC.
University of Houston - College of Architecture & Design, Houston, USA.
Imagen Subliminal.- Miguel de Guzman + Rocio Romero.

Rafael Beneytez-Duran

Rafael B. Duran completed his BArch and MArch studies in architecture at the School of Architecture of the Polytechnic University of Madrid  (ETSAM-UPM) in 1998 and awarded PhD by ETSAM-UPM in 2016. Rafael B. Duran´s practice spans the fields of architecture design, architecture technology and architecture theory. His PhD. dissertation, titled Atmosphere as Form in Architecture, explores the idea of atmosphere in the context of design practices from 1818 to present.

B. Duran is co-principal of Z4Z4-Z4A Office of Architecture, Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Architecture at the Gerald D. Hines College of Architecture and Design. B. Duran´s works The Tobogan House, Conference and Exhibitions Hall of Huesca, Castilla y Leon Pavilion Expo 2008 or Peep Show London have been recognised and awarded at the ACSA Faculty Design Award 2019, S.ARCH Award 2018, Architectural Review Emerging Architecture 2016 (Finalist), COAM 2016 Award (Finalist), 2016 London Biennale Manila Pollination, 2016 London TransArt Triennale, 2016 The Architecture and Design Film Festival New York, NY, and Los Angeles, CA, Simon Architecture Awards 2016, 3rd Istanbul Design Biennale 2016 Are We Humans?, Spanish National Award of Public Parks and Gardens 2015, XI Spanish Architecture and Urban Design Biennale 2011.

B. Duran´s works have been published in Books and Magazines such as: DOMUS, MARK, ARQ, ACTAR, Architectural Review, Architectural Record, CENTER 23, AV magazine, ARQUINE, FUTURE, Detail, Tashen or Pasajes de Arquitectura; as well as by Media such as: Dezeen, Arch20, Architizer, Bannana Design, Archelo, Design Boom, Metalocus, Divisare, Afasia, or Archilovers. B. Duran has been teaching at the College of Architecture of Texas Tech University (CoA-TTU), Architectural Association (AA), Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura de Madrid (ETSAM-UPM), and Escuela Técnica Superior de Arquitectura (ESAyT-UCJC) as director of Theory, Aesthetics, Composition Program.

Peter Jay Zweig

Peter Jay Zweig, FAIA, is a Professor and Curator of International Exhibitions at the Gerald. D Hines College of Architecture + Design at the University of Houston. He is principal of the international award-winning Peter Jay Zweig Architects. He has authored numerous books, including: Risky Habit(at), Living + Dying InBetween the Real + the Virtual (2022), City of Refugees: A Search for Utopia (co-author), A History of the Future, and Houston: A Genetic City (co-author).

As an architect, inventor, curator, exhibition designer, and theoretician his work has focused on architectural experimentation and future scenarios. He has received worldwide patents for innovative building systems, including: concrete spray monocoque structures (2000).  

He has been a curator and exhibited at the Venice Architecture Biennale, was one of five US architecture firms (BPZ) selected to exhibit at the 2010 Guangzhou Biennale in Korea, was curator of the traveling exhibition, “What Could Have Been”, and has exhibited and curated exhibitions in domestic and international museums, including: The Cooper Hewitt, the High Museum, the Art Institute of Chicago, the Houston Museum of Fine Arts, and the AEDES Architectural Foundation.



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