JOHN CAGE. Exhibition in honor of his 100th birthday

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John Cage

John Cage (1912-1992) was a Los Angeles born composer, music theorist, artist, and philosopher. He is most known for his work with silence and indeterminacy.

He was a pioneer in many branches of art: non-standard use of instruments, non-formal instruments and music with electronics. To him is also attributed the first Happening.

Author of books on several topics (silence, notation, music, philosophy), Cage studied under the tutelage of renowned personalities like Richard Buhlig, Henry Cowell, Adolph Weiss and Arnold Schoenberg.

Cage has been awarded several recognitions, among them the Guggenheim Fellowship, an award from the National Academy of Arts and Letters (both in 1949), Commander of the Order of Arts and Letters by the French Minister of Culture (1982), and several post-mortem recognitions.

With the use of chance for his compositions, the prepared piano works and his graphics scores, Cage became a strong influence in the arts and culture scene, with conferences around the world, exhibitions in the most recognized museums and collaborations with other renowned artists.



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