BaumHaus by Sergio Sebastián. Christmas on the Bauhaus 100th anniversary

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Alejandro Alda, Valeria Gasparini, Pablo Sebastián
Madrid City Council.
Builder company
Ximenez / Ilméx
Venue / Adress
Cardenal Cisneros Square, Madrid. Spain.
Irene Ruiz Bazán

Sergio Sebastián Franco

Sergio Sebastián´s Architecture Office was founded by Sergio Sebastián Franco in 2006 and is based in Saragossa.

Sergio Sebastián Franco. Calatayud (1976). Architect ETSA Madrid.  2002. PhD Architect  ETSA Madrid. 2016. Adjunt teacher  Architectonic Projects Teacher at EINA Universidad de Zaragoza since 2009 - 2016. Expert in Judiciary Architecture/ Facilities. Lighting / Landscape designer. Collaborator at Zenda Libros.

Gold Medal Prize DOMUS Restauro e Conservazione (2014). Architecture Award with EÑE (2016). Innomatnet Awards New materials in Building Industry (2014). Excellence in Historic Architectural Renovations Award in Build Magazine's Architecture Awards (2015). Rethinking The Future International Awards (2015). Ricardo Magdalena Trophy (2013). Blue Stone Award Archi-World (2013). Special mention Europa Nostra Awards (2014). Selected in several editions of the European Landscape Biennial, in the Biennial of Spanish Architecture, in the Urban CCCB Awards, or in the Architecture Awards in Positive CSCAE. Finalist at the Arquia / Próxima Awards, Piranesi Accademia Adrianea di Roma, ASCER, García Mercadal COAA, Prémio Jornal-Larus Iberian urban equipment architectures, and LUMEC CLU Foundation Philips, SAIE Selection Contest'12 Archi-Europe.



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