«Jonas» residential building. A scenographic inside and amazing outside by Orange Architects

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Orange Architects in collaboration with ABT, Felixx Landscape Architects, Site Urban Development and city maker Floor Ziegler.
Design team
Patrick Meijers, Jeroen Schipper, Paul Kierkels, Elena Staskute, Florentine van der Vaart, Irina Vaganova, Athanasia Kalaitzidou, Gloria Caiti, Luís Cardoso, Kapilan Chandranesan, Eric Eisma, Filippo Garuglieri, Casper van Leeuwen, Francesco Mainetti, Manuel Magnaguagno, Angela Park, Niek van der Putten, Erika Ruiz, Ivan Shkurko.
ABT, Felixx Landscape Architects, SITE urban development, Pubblik&Vos, Bureau Stadsnatuur, JMJ Bouwmanagement, Floor Ziegler, SmitsRinsma.
Ballast Nedam West.
29,950 m².
Design.- 2017.
Realisation.- 2022.
Krijn Taconiskade, 1087 HW Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Patrick Meijers, Jeroen Schipper. Orange Architects

Orange Architects is an architecture practice established in 2010, headed by Patrick Meijers and Jeroen Schipper, and located in the Port City of Rotterdam, Netherlands.

They are an office of thinkers and makers. They strive for local and unique projects that resonate with people and align with the environment in which they live. All their projects come to life on the strength of an inspiring and unifying concept. Translating this concept into a convincing and feasible building calls for expertise, right down to the detailing. This is a craft they have been practicing for over 25 years, a craft that lives within Orange Architects and is constantly improving through innovation.

Orange Architects formulates attractive, conceptually advanced, and smart answers to complex spatial challenges. What distinguishes them is their rational attitude which they combine with a sensitivity to context, local culture, the client’s wishes, and the future users of their projects. Drawing on their knowledge and expertise, Orange Architects transforms the ideas, dreams, and wishes of clients into inspiring and sustainable living environments.



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