La Fabrique 125: from textile industry to housing.

La Fabrique 125: from textile industry to housing.
By Humà Design [Montreal] Canada.
metalocus, ROBERTO ALIA
The transformation of this old textile industrial building into a new housing project is set in the context of Quartier Chabanel revitalization, an old industrial area in Montreal which is called to be the new beacon of fashion and design at the city. Combining memory and design, the building gets its own new identity, pointing out the evolution that has experimented.

We reinterpreted the spirit of the place to convey the new vocation of Quartier Chabanel, defined as the Montreal hub of fashion and design,” commented Stéphanie Cardinal, president of Humà Design. “The project was conceived to be a beacon of creativity, light, and space, with customizable open areas, exceptionally large windows and incredibly high ceilings, and signage with typography that evokes the building’s industrial history as much as it states its new identity.

The desiners preserved the original spirit of the building, from the concrete structure to the rhythm of the façade’s frame and the exterior cladding materials (glazed white bricks and black bricks). At the same time, they played on the contrasts between industrial past and new residential vocation in order to affirm the building’s identity. For instance, the use of the fine lines of the Didot typeface stand out against the building’s massive form. Inside, the visual identity features motifs inspired by different sewing stitches –a reminder of La Fabrique 125’s origins – and the signage refers to the typeface used on the façade.

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