Memory reconstruction. New classic house in Havelská by QARTA Architektura

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QARTA Architektura. Lead architects.- David Wittassek, Jiří Řezák.
Project team
Jan Havel, Jan Zmátlík.
Built-up Area.- 689 m².
Gross Floor Area.- 3,560 m².
Plot size.- 830 m².
Project year.- 2013-2016.
Completion year.- 2022.
Floors (layers under the veneers) – fill + floor boards.- Fermacell.
Lightweight wall and partition constructions.- Fermacell, Ekopanel.
Internal insulation of existing walls.- Ekopanel.
Bathroom supplier.- ProCeram.
Havelská 27, Prague. Czech Republic.

Jiří Řezák, David Wittassek. Qarta architektura

Qarta architektura is a Czech creative group of architects and engineers directed by Jiří Řezák and David Wittassek since 1996. They based on the seek of variety and to design in an innovative approach. Presenting creativity not only in lines and material, but also in the layouts and materials used.

They participated in the regeneration of Karlín, projects such as CORSO Karlín and CORSO II, they had the opportunity to work in an equal team with Ricardo Bofill. They've received numerous awards such as The Architecture Grand Prix, Best of Realty or Building of the Year.



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