Modular concept in an essential space. Container Building by Hsu-Rudolphy Architects

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Hsu-Rudolphy Architects. Lead architects.- Ian Hsü and Gabriel Rudolphy.
1,400 m².
Completion Year.- 2022.
Santiago de Chile, Chile.
Hsu-Rudolphy Architects.- Ian Hsü and Gabriel Rudolphy.

Ian Hsü, Gabriel Rudolphy. Hsu-Rudolphy Architects

Hsu-Rudolphy Architects is an architecture studio based in Chile, founded by Ian Hsü and Gabriel Rudolphy in 2012. An important aspect within the creative and productive process of their office is to be at the forefront of the state of the art as well as in the use of different technologies, which are essential in the process of materializing each project.

Ian Hsü is an architect graduated from the University of Chile, graduated in 2007. His work has been exhibited at the XV and XIX Architecture Biennials of Chile. During his career, he has worked in association with the prominent architects Cazú Zegers and Roberto Benavente. He is a specialist in BIM (Building Information Modeling) technology, participating in seminars and lectures to present successful examples using cutting-edge technologies in architecture.

Gabriel Rudolphy is an architect graduated from the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, graduated in 2003. He is co-founder of URO1.ORG. Between 2008 and 2012 he carried out projects together with Roberto Benavente with an emphasis on heritage and museography, projects of a cultural nature. Along with Alejandro Soffia, he carried out various projects such as participation in YAP Constructo, where his work was exhibited at the MOMA in New York. His work has been exhibited at the Hong Kong Shenzhen Biennales, IX Biennale di Venezia, XIII, XIV, XV, XIX Architecture Biennales in Chile.



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