New Velodrome of the city of Medellín by El equipo de Mazzanti

New Velodrome of the city of Medellín by El equipo de Mazzanti
metalocus, ALEX DURO
Project diagram. New Velodrome of the city of Medellín by El equipo de Mazzanti. Image © courtesy of El equipo de Mazzanti
The new velodrome of Medellín is projected in order to colonize a public space for greater social interaction through the cover proposed, flexible and lightweight, which is refered to the architecture of the circus.

Memory of project

The design of the velodrome was selected from a pool of 15 submissions following an international architecture competition. The winning submissionis a collaboration between a team of architects in New York and Barcelona (Cristina Goberna, Urtzi Grau, Ignancio González Galán, Farzin Lotfi-Jamand Bryce Suite) and an architecture office in Bogotá (El Equipo de Mazzanti).

The design is comprised of an innovative roof structure which will simultaneously house the racing arena and provide shelter for the adjacent public plaza. A foldable façade wraps the entire arena and can be fully opened during non-competition periods to allow for greater openness and public space.

“The design of the New Velodrome City of Medellín synthesizes two seemingly incompatible spatial conditions: The insularity of the sport infrastructure and the permeability of the public space” explained the members of the team.

“Three elements define the public space of the new velodrome. The platform provides continuity of the pedestrian park. The facade vanishes during periods without competitions. The light roof dissolves the perimeter of the building.”

“The more


Giancarlo Mazzanti (1963, Barranquill, Colombia) is the director of El Equipo de Mazzanti. He studied Architecture at University of Javeriana in Bogotá, 1987, with PhD in History and Theory in Architecture and Industrial Design, 1991, at University of Florence, Italy.

He has been professor at University of Javeriana, Andes and Tadeo Lozano in Bogotá. He has participated as speaker at more