Newly inaugurated Norman Foster Foundation features innovative backyard Pavilion

Newly inaugurated Norman Foster Foundation features innovative backyard Pavilion
[MAD] Spain
metalocus, JOSÉ FABERO
The Pavillion. Norman Foster Foundation. Photograph © Luis Asín.
The Backyard of the Norman Foster Foundation houses a Pavilion filled with objects from the architect´s collection.

The Norman Foster Foundation, which officially opened its headquarters in a heritage-listed residential Palace by Joaquín Saldaña in Madrid on 1 June, has opened a new pavilion in its courtyard that will show a changing display of objects and images that have, over the years, been personal references for Foster. The flexible space will also be the setting for talks and discussion groups, and features a façade that can open to the courtyard for outdoor events.

Project description by Foster + Patners

The new building resolves the irregular geometry of the outdoor area with a roof shaped like the wing of an aircraft. This is supported by a hidden steel structure cantilevered over a structural glass façade without any visible means of support so the roof seems to float over it. The result is an architecture which seeks the ephemeral more

Design studio of the Norman Foster Found
ation – Norman Foster, David Delgado, Raúl Gómez and Jorge López.
Local collaborating architect
Miguel Kreisler, Ángel Jaramillo - BAUp
royectos SLP - Spain.
Structural engineer
Juan de la Torre - Euteca Proyectos y Es
tructuras SLP - Spain
MEP engineer
Rafael Úrculo - R.
Urculo Ingenieros Consultores SA - Spain
Quantity surveyor
Javier Martín - Arquitec SL Spain
Empty SL and BAUobras SL - Spain
Cristina Iglesias’ sculpture
Engineering Consultant: Hugo Corres - Fh
ecor Ingenieros Consultores SA - Spain Wind Engineering Consultant: Oritia & Boreas SL - Spain Sculpture panels manufactured by Acciona SA - Spain and Cristina Iglesias Studio - Spain - Sculpture cables and nodes manufactured by Aciarium SL - Spain
Norman Foster Foundation, Calle del Mont
e Esquinza, 48, 28010 Madrid.


Norman Foster is considered by many to be the most prominent architect in Britain. He won the 1999 Pritzker Architecture Prize and the 2009 Príncipe de Asturias de las Artes Prize.

Lord Foster rebuilt the Reichstag as a new German Parliament in Berlin and designed a contemporary Great Court for the British Museum. He linked St. Paul's Cathedral to the Tate more