Opening. ING’s new office, by Benthem Crouwel Architects and HofmanDujardin

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Design, Interior and Platforms
Karres en Brands
Architecture client.- EDGE Technologies/G & S Vastgoed B.V. Interior client.- ING.
Bijlmerdreef 106, 1102 CT Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Gross floor area.- approx.. 39.000 m² (building) / 10.740 m² (parking).
Completetion.- January 2020.

Jan Benthem, Pascal Cornips, Mels Crouwel, Daniel Jongtien, Saartje v/d Made, Joost Vos, Marten Wassmann. Benthem Crouwel Architects

Benthem Crouwel Architects designs innovative, flexible and efficient buildings in a variety of scales: from a tiny house to almost all major railway stations in the Netherlands. In all their designs BNTHMCRWL seeks a balance between economic, social and ecological interests, with a particular focus on innovation and sustainability. Famous designs are the Stedelijk Museum, Anne Frankhuis, Schiphol Airport, and railway station Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Michiel Hofman, Barabara Dujardin. HofmanDujardin

HofmanDujardin is located in a 1000m² office villa in the east of Amsterdam. Founding partners are Michiel Hofman and Barbara Dujardin. Since 1999 they work on a large variety of projects. They gained experience in the realization of architectural projects, renovations, interior design projects and product designs. Below you find a more specific explanation of the design approach and process of each of our services.

The HofmanDujardin team is a multi-disciplinary international group of approximately 34 architects, interior architects, draftsmen and interns with different background and university education. In the studio they speak fluently English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Polish and Chinese. They can deliver our services in any of these languages.



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