Parc de la Distance. Studio Precht designs a Park for Physical Distancing in Post-Coronavirus time

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Fei Tang Precht, Chris Precht, Andreas Stadlmayer.

Fei Tang, Chris Precht. Precht

Precht, was launched in 2019 by Fei and Chris. In 2013, Fei & Chris Precht and friend Sun Dayong won a small competition in China. These was the starting point of their first studio called ‘Penda’. They have spent a couple of years in Beijing, built up a team and worked on a lot of projects together.

In 2017, Fei and he moved to Austria. They didn’t move to the city. Not even to a village. They live and work in the mountains of Salzburg. As Fei and Chris do everything as a couple, they renamed their studio ‘Precht’, because it has a more personal and authentic touch to it: "And if you run a studio in a rural area, authenticity is key."

Chris Precht (Dipl.Ing.arch.) Chris has won numerous awards in Architecture and Design, among 1st prize at the national Isover Skyscraper competition, the Tile – Award 2013 and was ranked #9 of young architects to follow 2013.

His work has recently been exhibited at the Venice Biennale 2010, at the “Emotion in Architecture" at Künstlerhaus Salzburg and "the Best of" Exhibition in Innsbruck and Vienna. Chris graduated early 2013 with honors from the Technical University of Vienna.

Fei Tang is an architect, Chris Precht wife and the good soul of their studio. She loves to work on interior projects, products and VI design. She has a pottery studio, is an incredible chef, a patient gardener and in general an great person to be around.

"We both take our work more than serious, but we don’t take ourselves too serious. Life is healthier when you are able to laugh at yourself and with each other. This positive attitude serves as a foundation of our studio."



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