Paying attention to the context. 8 Houses Complex by Estudio Mola

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MOLA Estudio. Lead Architecs.- Alejo Fernandez, Lucas Geya.
Project team
Francisco Ricart, Julian Marchetti, Gimena Caffo, Alejo Del Grosso, Marcos Bartellone.
Engineer.- Claudio Ianesse.
Buchardo Desarrollos.
1,400 m².
Castelar, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Armaferro, FV, Redimat, Tendenza.
Javier Agustín Rojas.

Alejo Fernandez, Lucas Geya, Franco D'Aversa, Julián Marchetti, Francisco Ricart. MOLA Estudio

MOLA Estudio. It is an architecture studio, constituted as a collective, founded in Buenos Aires and led by the architects, Alejo Fernandez, Lucas Geya, Franco D'Aversa, Julián Marchetti and Francisco Ricart.

The name is a declaration of intent: "MOLA is what they call an old machine that was used on construction sites, its real name is «rubble grinder». What this old machine does is grind and mix rubble and rubble that the same work generates with different proportions of cement and sand, thus making the necessary material to make subfloors, folders, plaster, etc. The group believes that despite its old age it is a contemporary and responsible way of building, its works since practically no waste is generated, and everything is transformed back into matter. This concept of taking something to transform it into something else is something that represents them; they do not conceive of architecture without its site, and they do not agree with object architecture. Their projects are the result of the variables that the placemarks them, their close and close neighbours, their orientation, the existing constructions and even the original vegetation of the place. All these variables together with the program and regulations enter into his "mola" at the time of projecting".
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