Penthouse in Raval by P-M-A-A

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P-M-A-A. Architects in charge.- Adrián Jurado, Jaime Fernández, Magda Barceló y Albert Guerra.
Gross built area.- 99 m²
2017 Completed.- 2017
Riereta 17, Barcelona, Spain
Cerámicas Cumella. VOLA taps. Davide Groppi Hilca Carpet (natural wool). Kitchen furniture.- P-M-A-A

Adrián Jurado, Jaime Fernández, Magda Barceló, Albert Guerra PMAA

P-M-A-A is an architecture and design studio based in Barcelona derived from the efforts of four team members, Adrián Jurado, Jaime Fernández, Magda Barceló and Albert Guerra. Everything started back in 2012 with the development of projects and teaching activities with a genuine experimental approach within the architecture sector.

As of today, these same principles constitute the origin of their work, which they perform in a space shared with a carpentry workshop and surrounded by an industrial atmosphere. Through this symbiosis, their studio operates as a permanent experimental atelier while allowing them to produce their own pieces, items and structures for each project.

Their work is supported by regarding mock-ups as the synthesis of a project and driven, above all, towards the clarity of each project. By acting as the reference elements on each project, mock-ups allow them to remove those superfluous elements that may have been introduced into the work processes from the architectural space.



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