The power of color over shape, suprematism. Skychrome by Maxim Kashin Architects

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Maxim Kashin Architects

Maxim Kashin Architects This architectural firm “Maxim Kashin Architects” became the winner of the 1st prize in the nomination “Design of private interiors” and the winner of the 2nd prize in the nomination “Design of interiors of public spaces” at the festival “House on Brestskaya Invites: Architecture, Design, Landscape - 2019”. In addition to the prizes of our Festival, Maxim took first places at the Russian Project 2019 and the DNA Awards 2019 in Paris. Another brainchild of Kashin is the MONOLOKO design bureau, which is engaged in the design of private residential buildings, the development of architectural concepts for public complexes and interior design.

Maxim Kashin infuses the latest stylistic trends, advanced technology and established architectural traditions into every project. Combining the fundamentals of architecture and design with extensive construction experience, Maxim Kashin Architects’s detailed approach to every unique project ensures that the relevancy of its homes and interiors will endure for multiple generations.
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