Recovering the identity of the Argentine countryside. Field "taperas" by Franco Casaccia

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Firmat, Argentina.

Franco Casaccia

Franco Casaccia is an architect from the National University of Rosario in 2018 and an architectural photographer born in Firmat, Argentina in 1991 who currently resides in Cologne, Germany.

During his studies at the Faculty of Architecture, he developed a particular interest in photography, participating in workshops and exhibitions. From then on, he never stopped taking photos. He is convinced that photography is how cities, buildings, and people intertwine. He works with different scales and typologies, both exterior and interior. His objective is to document how an architectural project coexists with its environment and the people who inhabit it. He also revisits projects to show how they have aged and, consequently, how this environment transforms over time.

Over the years he has captured photographic moments and portraits to tell stories, focusing on how specific elements such as framing, composition, and lighting are present in each shot and combine to create a memorable and unique image.

His knowledge as an architect, understanding of architectural design, and the spatial and structural composition of buildings provide him with a unique perspective when capturing the essence and purpose behind an architectural project. After completing his master's degree in architecture in Argentina, he moved to Germany, where he began his career as an architect in Leipzig before moving to Cologne to work at JSWD Architekten. At the same time, he began his career as an architectural photographer, this being his main creative activity.

Nowadays he does photographic work for different architecture studios, mainly in Europe. In his short career as a photographer, his work has already been published in architecture magazines, books, and digital portals.



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