Reform of a house in Sagasta by Ciria Álvarez Arquitectos

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Ciria Álvarez Arquitectos.- Beatriz Álvarez Gómez and Miguel Ciria Hernández.
Cristina Soler de Loma-Ossorio and Ana Asensio Rodríguez.
Constructions and reforms - MV (Miguel Valencia), carpentry - Miguel Ángel Lacquered furniture, air conditioning - Climaservi (Francisco José Serrano), plumbing and heating - Manuel Cuesta, Aries kitchens, Guillen windows and Levantina marble - MAM Group.
Fernando Andrés.

Miguel Ciria, Beatriz Álvarez. Ciria Álvarez Arquitectos

Ciria architects Alvarez holds an architecture that takes into account the minimization of energy consumption, the use of simple and straightforward technology, respect for the location, climate, place and culture. Miguel Ciria is formed as a partner in the architectural practice Campo Baeza. He is working since 2005 with Beatríz Álvarez in housing projects, public facilities, ephemeral architecture and small scale. Their work has received several awards and has been selected for exhibitions among which we find the XIII Venice Biennale of Architecture in 2012, ARQUIA Next or the XI Biennial of Spanish Architecture.

In 2012 they received the Distinction COAM award for the work of architects for their public housing in Olmo 21.



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