Research Center "Valldaura Labs" by Guallart Architects

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Guallart Architects. Vicente Guallart, María Díaz.
Fernando Meneses, Daniela Frogheri. Structures.- Ionut Conseco. Energy.- Oscar Aceves. Water.- Jochen Scheerer. Information.- Guillem Camprodon.
Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia
2.000 m²
Original Project Phase 1.- 2010. Expanded project Phase 2.- 2013. Completion Phase 1 and 2.- 2018. Completion date of the work.- September 2018.
Horta a Cerdanyola road, km 7.8. Cerdanyola del Valles Barcelona

Vicente Guallart

Vicente Guallart (b. Valencia 1963) chief architect of the city of Barcelona and general director of Urban Habitat since 2011-2015. Guallart have been founder of Guallart Architects (1993) and of IAAC (Institute of Advanced Architecture in Catalunya) (2001). 

His most relevant and recent projects includes, among others, Sociópolis in Valencia: an innovative housing project for urban and environmental development with projects by international architects; Sharing Bloks in Gandía: a residence for students, the first in Spain where the dynamical relation between private and shared areas can generate a continuous re-configuration and extension of the spaces to live; Fugee Port and Keelung Port in Taiwan. He is author of Geologics (Actar), and co-author of the Metapolis dictionary of Advanced Architecture and Hypercatalonia.


María Díaz (Bilbao, 1972) founder of MDBA, with a career of more than 15 years, leads a young team that integrates architects, designers and professionals of different disciplines. There, she Works to develop projects of diverse scales that promote the self-sufficient development in the territory, including projects of buildings, housings and master plans.

The study MDBA, based in Barcelona, is characterized by the search and creation of spaces that cause emotions and where to place furniture and decoration’s elements that are interrelated with these spaces.

Every project is a challenge, in which we interpret the needs of the client and we look to get the maximum benefit of location or of the existing space. We look for the appropriate character in every space, always bearing in mind the materiality, the heat of the materials, and of the work of the craftsmen that we incorporate in our work, with the result of spaces with "soul".



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