Relics Environmental Conservation and Extension. Shizikou by Lacime Architects

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Project team
Zhao Xiaoxue, Liu Zehua, Chen Dandan, Wu Wenqi, Zhu Xiaolei, Wang Yuge, Yu Xin, Gao Yaqun.
Lead Architect.- Song Zhaoqing, Cen Ling. Project manager.- Chu Ziyuan. Technical director.- Guo Dan. Graphic design.- Chen Shiyun, Qiao Ling, Wen Haikuan. Live scene composition.- Peng Atelier. Construction drawing design.- Suzhou Urban Development Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd.. Landscape design.- Cicada Landscape Architecture. Landscape construction drawing design.- Suzhou Z-land Architectural & Landscape Design Co., Ltd.. Curtain wall design.-Shanghai CIMA Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.. Interior design.- Shenzhen Horizontal Space Design Co., Ltd.. Interior construction drawing design.- Shenzhen Horizontal Space Design Co., Ltd.. Interior construction.- Nanjing Rensheng Building & Decoration Design Co., Ltd. Civil construction.- Zhongyifeng Construction Group Co., Ltd. Curtain wall construction.- Shanghai Kesheng Curtain Wall Co., Ltd.. Landscape construction.- Zhejiang Xinsheng Landscaping Engineering Co., Ltd.
Suzhou Peninsula Yanlord Real Estate Co., Ltd.
2866.71 sqm.
Completion.- July 2020.
East of Cangjie, Ganjiang North Road, Gusu District, Suzhou, China.

Zhaoqing Song. Lacime Architects

Zhaoqing Song.- In 1992, he graduated from the Architecture Major at the Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology, and was awarded a bachelor's degree. In 1995, he graduated from Architectural Design and Theoretical Research, School of Architecture, Tsinghua University, and was awarded a Master's Degree. In 1995-2001, he was Principal Architect of Nikken Design International. Since 2001, he has been the Founder and Chief Architect of Shanghai Lacime Architects.

Some of his work includes.- Qin Ⅱ Dynasty Relics Museum. Xi'an, China (2010). Zhongxing Meihua Village. Shanghai, China (2004 - 2010). Cifi Headquarters. Shanghai, China (2016). Greenland Epoch Gate. Yiwu, China (2018). Dajia Villa. Suzhou, China (2019).



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