Remarkable from the access. Residential building in Torrent by RAUM 41_42

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RAUM 41_42. Architects.- Ángela Cardiel Casado, Quique Zarzo Martínez.
Technical architect.- Luis Plaza.
Installations calculation.- METAPROYECTO.
Structural calculations.- Carlos Rizo.
Telecommunications.- Soler Ingenieros.
Electricity.- COPITIVAL.
Plumbing, sanitation and home ventilation installer.- FLUIDVAL.
Car park ventilation and air conditioning installer.- ASTECOL.
Electrical installer.- NOVOLECTRIC.
Structure.- TECOPAL.
Aluminium metal carpentry.- CABAÑERO.
Locksmith.- CARMETAL.
Rocio García, Beatriz Riber, Andrea Briz, Elena Gámez, Maria Ángeles Peñalver, Alba Sospedra, Maite García, Victor Rodríguez.
Torrent, Valencia, Spain.

RAUM 41-42

RAUM 41_42 is an architecture firm involved in teaching and research as well as in the development of projects at all scales. It was founded in 2016 in Madrid, working nationally and internationally. To date, they carry out more than forty architecture and interior design projects and in September 2017 they were awarded the First Prize COACV of the Official College of Architects of the Valencian Community for the Ribags project.

Quique Zarzo Martínez. He studied architecture at the Higher Technical School of Architecture in Valencia, completing the Erasmus scholarship at the Fakultat fur Architectur RWTH Aachen (Germany) and the Leonardo scholarship at the School of Architecture of Valparaiso (Chile). He has worked since 2008 in various architecture studios both in Spain and in Chile (Daia Arquitectes, Alvano + Riquelme, Mangado y Asociados, Temperaturas Extremas Arquitectos * Amann-Cánovas-Maruri)). He is studying the Master in Advanced Architecture Projects at the ETSA Madrid 2014. He is part of ARKRIT, Research Group on Architectural Criticism at the ETSA Madrid since 2015. He collaborates teaching at the ETSA Madrid in the Javier Maroto Unit, and at the Universidad Mayor de Santiago de Chile with Professor Agustin Soza. Currently developing the Ph.D Thesis at ETSA in Madrid.

Ángela Cardiel Casado. She studied architecture at the Technical School of Architecture of Valencia, obtaining the qualification of Matriculation of Honor in the Final Degree Project in 2008. She founded the architecture studio equipopropio, c.b. together with two partners, being a finalist in several competitions and obtaining first prize in the Competition for an Intergenerational Center in Palma de Mallorca in 2010. She obtained Research Proficiency in Valencia in June 2011 with a rating of Outstanding. Study the Master in Advanced Architecture Projects at ETSA Madrid 2011-2012. She collaborates teaching at the ETSA in Valencia since 2008 in the H Workshop and Madrid in the Javier Maroto Unit. Approves the thesis title at ETSA Madrid in 2013, which is currently being developed.



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