Future that evokes the past. General Silveira Building by Atelier Tiago Antero

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ATA Atelier. Architects.- Tiago Antero and Vítor Fernandes.
Project team
Abílio Silva, Catarina Fernandes, Nieves Schiafini, Francisco Soares, Pedro Queirós, Maria Rodrigues, João Albergaria, Eleftheria Petropoulou.
Engineering.- Stucco, Luísa Miguel, Daniel Pires, Fénix Engenharia.
1,378 sqm.
Porto, Portugal.

Tiago Antero. Atelier Tiago Antero

ATA is an architecture atelier based in Porto, Portugal, founded in 2021 by Tiago Antero de Sousa. It emerges from an awareness process towards an eidetic reduction of the architectural practice. It comes from the search for the subjective essential acts of design, based on an analytical method as the main tool for the project work, in which the place and the intervention's relationship with it gain particular prominence. This way, it seeks to promote better responses, not only in relation to the needs and programs that are required but also in its functional and formal relationship with the city.

Team: Tiago Antero, Abilio Silva, Pedro Queirós, Francisco Soares, João Albergaria, Eleftheria Petropoulou, Tiffany Uno, Ábel Laki.

Tiago Antero. Architect by the Department of Architecture of the University of Coimbra (DARQ-FCTUC) with an exchange year at Katholieke Universiteit on Leuven. He worked in Pedra Líquida (2013-2016). He was the cofounder of Cubículo Arquitectos (2016-2021). Finally, in 2021 ATA was founded. In addition, he has been a tutor and guest speaker at several workshops in Porto and Coimbra.



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