Renaturalization of work spaces. Red Cross office complex by endosdedos arquitectura

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endosdedos arquitectura, María Martín Sánchez, Francisco Padilla Durán.
María Vargas García, Arquitecta Técnica, Eduardo Ortega González del Val, Arquitecto Técnico, CQD Ingeniería.
2,289.00 m².
Calle Salamanca, 31 CP 29013 Málaga,Spain.

Francisco Padilla, María Martín. Endosdedos arquitectura

The Architecture Office of endosdedos was established by Francisco Padilla and María Martín, Architects from de Architecture School of Granada since 2004. Their careers have always gone in parallel since they began collaborating in different offices at the beginning of their professional development. They founded endosdedos in 2007, maintaining from their beginnings a common interest in Contemporary Architecture, Rehabilitation and Heritage Revaluation, with work carried out in different territorial areas (especially Andalusia and Ceuta).

They are in continuous training in new Architecture, Rehabilitation and Design, especialized in Technical Inspection of Buildings by the ESESA Business School and Energy Rehabilitation as well as in the use of the appropriate software for management and graphic design, allowing them to address the full construction process of a project until its completion.

Their work experience is extensive. With the Red Cross they have been collaborating since 2007 as technical advice in the region of Malaga. Along with the project for the new Red Cross Headquarters in Malaga (2021), they have designed and directed for this entity the Headquarter of Vélez-Málaga and the same of Ceuta, analogous to Malaga, an integral rehabilitation of a building from the 60s of the last 20th century. They have also been able to develop projects in which functionality and design go hand in hand. This is the case of the Digital Content Pole, in the building of the old Tobacco Factory of Málaga, (with more than 3000 m2 of rooms for co-working, micro-enterprise, training, recording studios, etc.) created for Malaga City Council; and the new Digital Content Pole in Benarrabá, recently completed (December 2021). They are currently developing new housing projects in Malaga as well as the rehabilitation of historic buildings and urban spaces.



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