Restructuring of the Bibliothèque Nationale de France by Atelier Bruno Gaudin & Virginie Brégal

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Bruno Gaudin, Virginie Brégal. Atelier Gaudin Virginie Brégal and Bruno Gaudin

Atelier Gaudin Virginie Brégal and Bruno Gaudin. Since 1998, when Atelier Gaudin was founded by Bruno Gaudin and Virginie Brégal, the firm has been working on projects in a wide range of fields, from the design of engineering structures to the design of furniture. This very broad field of questions covers very different types of buildings in terms of their programmes and contexts, which leads the agency to design projects on scales ranging from urban projects - as is currently the case in Clisson - to design - the lighting fixtures for the Paris metro, for example, or even furniture design and scenography...

This openness is both an opportunity, to be able to constantly renew curiosity, and a necessity, to escape the specialisation that sterilises the desire for architecture. Each subject and each construction can be conducive to the invention, from both the spatial and manufacturing points of view. For the Atelier Gaudin, the invention is not understood as the need to be visible, but rather as the means of providing a relevant response to the questions posed or to those deemed essential. It is therefore not the image that takes precedence, but the capacity of a form, a structure, an implementation, a light, to give rise to a singular place, a hospitable void, a habitable interior. This character, which belongs to each building, draws its source and its foundation from a context, in an existing building, a landscape, a soil... It is thus necessary to know how to read and recognise the very existence of what precedes the intervention, in order to draw the essence and the substance necessary for the relevance and adequacy of the project.

A building or structure is thus born from the capacity to deconstruct, analyse and decipher, combined with an interest in materiality and the art of building, as well as a sensitivity to the things of the world.



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