Reuben Margolin: Sculpting waves in wood and time

Reuben Margolin: Sculpting waves in wood and time
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Reuben Margolin is a kinetic sculptor, crafting beautiful pieces that move in the pattern of raindrops falling and waves combining. Take nine minutes and be mesmerized by his meditative art -- inspired in equal parts by math and nature.

Reuben Margolin's moving sculptures combine the logic of math with the sensuousness of nature.

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Reuben Heyday Margolin. Reuben Margolin makes wave-like sculptures that undulate, spiral, bob and dip in gloriously natural-seeming ways, driven by arrays of cogs and gears. As a kid, Margolin was into math and physics; at college, he switched to liberal arts and ended up studying painting in Italy ( Classical drawing and painting at the Charles H. Cecil Studios, Florence, 1996-1997) and Russia (Monumental more