Romantic renovation of historic building. Wintercircus Mahy by Atelier Kempe Thill + aNNo Architecten

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Proyect team
Team Atelier Kempe Thill.- André Kempe, Oliver Thill, Marc van Bemmel with Charline Busson, Renzo Sgolacchia, Pauline Durand, Valérie Van de Velde, Andrius Raguotis, Karin Wolf with Nynke Bergstra, Jeroen de Waal, Cormac Murray, Nick Mols, Martins Duselis, Guillem Lopez.

Team aNNo Architecten.- Stijn Cools, Sofie de Ridder, Elisabeth Lehouck, Barbara Joseph, Kelly de Scheemaker, Nele Vancaeysele.
Collaborators Colaboradores
Baro Architectuur (Architect).
SUM Project (Architect).
Team Maatontwerpers.- Filip Buyse.
Media Space design.
Jangled Nerves.- Thomas Hundt, Raimund Docmac, Gesina Geiger, Petra Stojanik.
Structural engineer.- BAS Dirk Jaspaert.
Building services engineer.- T.E.E. nv – Arch & Teco Engineering, Jeroen van Parijs.
Energy engineer.- Adviplex bvba – Arch & Teco Engineering, Jeroen van Parijs.
Acoustic engineer.- Scala consultants, Dirk Tournoy.
Concrete expert.- Hugo Wildemeersch.
sogent, Volderstraat 1, B - 9000 Gent.
Site area.- 3,500 sqm.
Building size.- 14,297 sqm (gross floor area), 10,870 sqm (net floor area).
€ 21,000,000.
Competition.- 06.2012 – 10.2012.
Commission.- 12.2012 – 06.2015.
Design.- 2012 – 2015.
Execution.- 01.2017 – 06.2022.
Preliminary delivery.- 06.2022.
Lammerstraat 13, B - 9000 Gent, Belgium.

André Kempe-Oliver Thill ATELIER KEMPE THILL

Atelier Kempe Thill architects and planners was founded in 2000 by the two German architects, André Kempe (’68) and Oliver Thill (’71), following their Europan 5 winning proposal of three hundred dwellings in Kop van Zuid, Rotterdam. While this project didn’t result in a commission, the office survived the recession of 2002-2004 and has been able to position itself well within the European architectural scene. In the last fifteen years the practice has grown from a ‘two-man band’ to a stable, medium-sized office with around twenty five employees.

The office’s range of work has systematically broadened since its foundation. Beginning with collective housing and small public building commissions, the practice portfolio has developed to include large renovation, infrastructure and urban design projects. Single-sided specialisation and the consequent limitations have been avoided through the wide diversity of commissions; as a result the practice is also more economically stable. Since its foundation, Atelier Kempe Thill has tried not to limit itself to the Netherlands, but instead establish itself within the wider European market. Through its participation in over one hundred and twenty international competitions, the office has acquired commissions in the Austria, Belgium, Egypt, France, Germany, Morocco, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Atelier Kempe Thill is becoming increasingly well known in architectural circles. In the last fifteen years the office has appeared in around five hundred publications worldwide, amongst which were two monographs. In addition, the office’s partners have given more than two hundred lectures. This professional recognition enables the office to acquire increasingly complex projects and compete with the larger, more commercial practices.

aNNo Architecten

aNNo Architecten is a Dutch studio operating from the coworking space De Ontwerppoel in the heart of Ghent. It consists of a team of restoration architects who combine further studies in historic preservation with a proactive attitude toward design research. In addition, the team is reinforced by in-house interior architects.

The studio's projects have received numerous awards: in 2017 it was nominated for the Publica Awards for its Batterij Aachen project, a candidate for the Small Building Award at the 2020 Deezen Awards; in 2019 it was the winner of the BIS Architectuurwedstrijd Award for its Hof her Beemt project, also a laureate of Onroerend Erfgoedprijs; in 2019 he was nominated for the Architectuurprijs Leuven Awards for Hoekhuis O; in 2020 he was winner of the maintenance or renovation award at the Built environment Cabe awards for his project Douaneloods Essen.



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