«De Harmonie» Transformation of a Concert Hall in Antwerp by Atelier Kempe Thill

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Project team
Supporting architect.- RE-ST architecten, Antwerp. Team competition.- Atelier Kempe Thill architect and planners, Rotterdam (NL). Team Atelier Kempe Thill.- André Kempe, Oliver Thill, Ruud Smeelen, Teun van der Meulen, Saskia Hermanek, Andrius Raguotis.
Structural Engineer.- BAS BVBA, Leuven. Service Engineer Electrical and Climate installations.- Atlas Building /MARCQ – ROBA engineers / Sweco Belgium BV Antwerpen. Acoustics.- Peutz consulting engineers, Zoetermeer. Landscape Architects.- LAND landschapsarchitecten, Antwerpen in collaboration with ARA, Antwerpen . Architecture historians.- Caroline Vandegughte.
City of Antwerpen.
General Contractor De Harmonie complex.- THV Monument-Goedleven, Monument Vandekerckhove. General Contractor Interior De Harmonie complex.- Beneens Bouw en Interieur BV, Olen. General Contractor demolition.- Aclagro Wondelgem. General contractor Park.- Hertsens, Burcht. General contractor Fountain Peter Benoit.- RENOTEC, Geel. Subcontractors.- Restaurationworks Altritempi nv, Brasschaat BE. Historic Wooden windows Antikhaus Historische Fenster, Aartselaar BE. Structural glazing KMW nv, Hechtel-Eksel BE. Rooflights Glass Projects, Wijnegem BE. Zinc roof Profidak bvba, Deurne BE. Green roof IBIC bvba, Aartselaar BE. Terrazzo interior Tomaello BV, Vlaardingen NL. Kuijpers Uitvoering en Advies bv, Odiliapeel NL. Terrazzo floor Concreet Granito bvba, Gentbrugge BE. Wooden floors F&T parketvloeren bvba, Antwerpen BE. Secondwindows Laeremans Geert nv. Acoustical ceiling ASONA Belgium bvba, Kapellen BE. C-installations Thermoco nv, Antwerpen BE. E-installations.- DIFF- Elektriciteit, Kapellen BE.
Site area park.- 15.000 m². Building size.- 3.177 m². Building volume.- 20.803m³.
Total building budget.- € 11,833,000,-excl VAT excl honorarium. Landscape design.- € 892,000.00 excl. VAT excl honorarium. Restauration Foutain Peter Benoit.- € 248,000.00 excl. VAT excl honorarium. Demolition works De Harmonie complex.- € 628,000.00 excl. VAT excl honorarium. Restauration and extension De Harmonie complex.- € 9,184,689.30 excl. VAT excl honorarium. Interior design De Harmonie complex.- € 335,723.53 excl. VAT excl honorarium. Building all.- € 9,184,689.30 excl. VAT excl honorarium. Installations HVAC.- € 2.107.449,11 excl. VAT excl honorarium. Interior design.- € 335,723.53 excl. VAT excl honorarium. Budget per m² incl. installation excl. interior design.- € 2.891,00 / m² excl. VAT. Budget per m³ incl. installation excl. interior design.- € 441.50 / m³ excl. VAT.
Competition.- January 2010 – April 2010. Commission.- November 2010. Planning process.- November 2010 – December 2016. Building process.- November 2017 - January 2021. Building process interior.- January 2021 – May 2021.
Extension Facade.- profile Jansen Janisol, estructural glazing SGG CLIMALIT STADIP 88.2/15/88.2, COOL-LITE XTREME 60-28 F2, natural stone plint Belgisch harsteen. Extension Facade.- profile Jansen Janisol, structural glazing SGG CLIMALIT STADIP 88.2/15/88.2, COOL-LITE XTREME 60-28 F2, natural stone plint Belgisch harsteen. Existing Facade.- plastering Rewah Socle chaux NHL 3,5 wit, paint Caparol Sylitol finish 130, kleur Harmonie RAL7047, Oranjerie RAL9002, natural stone Belgisch hardsteen. Doors.- oak wooden doors, glass 44.2 Stratobel Low-e Planibel Clearlite + Planibel G pos.2, 66.2 Stratobel Low-e Planibel Clearlite + Planibel G pos.2. Roof.- roofing Harmonie & Oranjerie: VM Zinc, Concierge Natuurleien Samaca 33, skylight Glassprojects, Glas AGC Stropray Vision-61 firelight main roof: Colt, type FL3-ES-1229-979-IA-T-M2B24-600-FX_N5-PG, in RAL7005, fire-window above stairs Velux S06. Lighting.- spot on ceiling porch BEGA 66 978, groundspot ACDC, PLAZA R30i. Interior.- Acoustical ceiling concert hall Asona Sonacoustic, Concrete covered steel doors profile Jansen Eco 60, terrazzo facing is the same as the terrazzo floor, Terrazzo concert hall prefab elements Tomaello Terrazzo, floor Concrete Granito, Wooden floors Oak mozaic parquet + Loba HS 2K ImpactOil color Clay. Interior elements.- Counters wood oak 3-layered panels, 4-12-4mm, PNV Wood, metal shutters Lock’n Roll Twentnox Golf Romeo, stainless steel, spot lights Zumtobel Panos EVO R100L 15W LED830 LDO SM WH, Furniture benches Inclass -Lapse, chair visitor Nemea 2820.
Mechelsesteenweg, 218. 2018 Antwerp, Belgium.

André Kempe-Oliver Thill ATELIER KEMPE THILL

Atelier Kempe Thill architects and planners was founded in 2000 by the two German architects, André Kempe (’68) and Oliver Thill (’71), following their Europan 5 winning proposal of three hundred dwellings in Kop van Zuid, Rotterdam. While this project didn’t result in a commission, the office survived the recession of 2002-2004 and has been able to position itself well within the European architectural scene. In the last fifteen years the practice has grown from a ‘two-man band’ to a stable, medium-sized office with around twenty five employees.

The office’s range of work has systematically broadened since its foundation. Beginning with collective housing and small public building commissions, the practice portfolio has developed to include large renovation, infrastructure and urban design projects. Single-sided specialisation and the consequent limitations have been avoided through the wide diversity of commissions; as a result the practice is also more economically stable. Since its foundation, Atelier Kempe Thill has tried not to limit itself to the Netherlands, but instead establish itself within the wider European market. Through its participation in over one hundred and twenty international competitions, the office has acquired commissions in the Austria, Belgium, Egypt, France, Germany, Morocco, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

Atelier Kempe Thill is becoming increasingly well known in architectural circles. In the last fifteen years the office has appeared in around five hundred publications worldwide, amongst which were two monographs. In addition, the office’s partners have given more than two hundred lectures. This professional recognition enables the office to acquire increasingly complex projects and compete with the larger, more commercial practices.



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